about me

Here you find more details about me, the bike(s), the competition and the goals for the current season.

the rider

name: Wouter van Heyningen
born: 22-01-1980, The Hague
place of living: 's-Gravendeel
biggest passion: road racing
number: 33

the bike

From 2004 on, there has always been a 'Superbike' in my garage. After buying a new Yamaha R1 I learnt the potential of such a bike with crashing and getting back up again. In 2010, I also bought a BMW S1000RR, solely for trackdays. My laptimes improved but I still left the seat many times unintended. The bike also suffered from the growing pains of many electronical inventions. To wipe the slate clean, I bought a new BMW S1000RR in 2017.

the competition

After a(nother) crash with the BMW at the end of 2015, I started in 2016 in the NK ProCup 600 on a Yamaha R6 from Stichting Motorrace Amsterdam. The difference in riding style needed on a Supersport (600cc) compared to a Superbike (1000cc) made it clear for me that I was in love with the raw power of a Superbike. Riding that kind of bike towards the limit (of myself) makes that I love and cannot stop loving this sport. Without a doubt I would start the 2017 season on a 1000cc racebike again. After long consideration between the new Kawasaki ZX10RR and the S1000RR, I choosed the BMW (again).

RR Motorsports owner Nelson Rolfes delivered the bike to my own specifications and colors. Coming from the 2010 edition without traction control, ABS and a heavy throttle cable (speedgas), it was difficult to immediately go fast with the full electronic package on the 2017 bike. Nowadays I have built a lot of trust in the electronics and although we had quite a big crash that season and a few zero scores in competition, we still managed to become third in the final standings. In 2018, I finished 9th overall after a false start with a lot of tire problems followed by some big crashes. In 2019 we will try to join in with the ONK SuperCup 1000 class for a full switch in 2020.

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tHe goal for 2019

In 2019 we go for better results! Click here for the current ranking...

When in doubt, always gun it.
— Wouter, ONK SuperCup 1000 rider


  • 2014 (SportCup 1000): In our first season of competition we win both races in Oschersleben. The fact that nobody knows the track really well turns out te be my advantage. The races in the Netherlands all end with crashes, low standings and technical failures. After a very nice qualification I even forget to show up on the starting grid.

  • 2015 (SportCup 1000): In the first race in 2015 the meaning of the different flags seem to confuse me. After deliberately giving away the first position my second place is enough to get me promoted to the ProCup 1000.

  • 2015 (ProCup 1000): My first two races in the ProCup are on Oschersleben and were won immediately. This track really seems to suit me. On Assen I am not able to finish (again) due to a crash. After rebuilding the bike, we try again during the final races, but a big crash in the fast Ruskenhoek corner ends the season.

  • In 2016 (ProCup 600/Sportcup 600) I join some races and training days on a Yamaha R6, without fast laptimes, but with some crashes. Switching to 600cc does not seem to fit me. My best result is a 7th place in the Sportcup 600.

  • 2017 (ProCup 1000, start): During the first few races I have to get used to the bike, resulting in two 20th positions and one time 6th.

  • 2017 (ProCup 1000, continuation ): On my favorite track I see the light and win 4 times in a row:
    - Oschersleben race 1 and race 2;
    - Assen;
    - Dijon race 1 (race 2 ends with a crash).

  • 2017 (ProCup 1000, end): After a big crash in Dijon it seems almost impossible to become champion. Against all odds, I win a 3rd prize in Oschersleben and eventually also become 3rd overall.

  • 2018 (ProCup 1000, start): In the first race, I lap only 0.8 seconds from my PR on Assen, but in the following races we keep struggling to get results. I am not able to stop the bike and laptimes go up. When we finally find the solution, I finish 3rd in France but also suffer from some crashes. I end up 9th in the overall championship.