You Like Racing Team

Besides some races for the Dutch Championship (the OW Cup), I ride training events and races with our You Like racing team all over the world. Our dream is to ride all tracks from the World Superbike Championship and the MotoGP calender ourselves. When we complete at least one lap from start to finish we can cross the track off the Bucketlist.

Every year the team participates at various events across the globe. During long distance racing or so-called endurance racing, we participate with two or three riders for one result. A recurring event is the 501 kilometer of Assen, organized by the OW Cup, which runs over 111 laps. A healthy mix of chaos and control makes our team ready to run every 501. Our mechanic Robbie always proves to be invaluable during those events.

As a team that is serious about their participation, our goal is always to finish between the first 25 teams in the 501 of Assen. This means we try to finish between the fastest teams around, but every year is a surprise if we succeed. In 2017 we invested in new bikes and finished 16th. Our highest ranking ever. With endurance racing everything fails or succeeds with a motivated team!

With every purchase from our webshop you support both Wouter van Heyningen in competing for the Dutch Championship as the whole team competing in international endurance racing.

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Wouter van heyningen

While competing in the OW Cup he improved from only a fast lap once in a while to a constant factor.


Leo van nieuwenhuijzen

Many years of experience in Club MET racing. His speed and experience make him of certain value for the team. 



The reserve rider of the You Like racing team sometimes enters into competition with his own team and sometimes as our third rider.


Robbie racer

Has won quite some prices himself in between his activities as our mechanic. From the ZAC to Misano when he only puts his head down.


race support

Without additional support who travels with us to help us out during the endurance races we would never make it as a team.